chili pepper fieldharvesting chili peppers

The Process

Our New Mexico Green Chile is grown locally in southern New Mexico with an ideal climate and rich soil perfect for growing green chile. Beginning around early autumn or late summer the green chile will begin to mature and ripen. Once ripened the chile peppers are hand picked, and immediately transported to a facility to be flame roasted. The amazing aroma released by the roasting chile is one of the many pleasures experienced during the turn of seasons in New Mexico!

The chile is roasted until the skin blisters; the blistering causes the skin to separate from the chile, making the skin easy to remove. Once flame roasted, the chile is cooled, hand packed, and quickly frozen to preserve the rich, bold, and zesty flavor. Leaving the skin on the chile while frozen ensures the preservation of the flavor. When it is time for you to cook with your chile, be sure to prepare yourself for the incredible meal that will follow! First, you will need to remove your chile from the freezer to allow a thawing period. Once thawed, gently peel the skin away from the chile meat. (If you are making chile rellenos be careful not to tear the chile!) Once the skin is removed, the chile is ready for rellenos. If you need chopped chile for enchilada sauce, omelets, hamburgers, pasta, ect… you must then remove the stem, seeds, and some remove the white veins on the inside.

I personally don’t remove the veins because that is where the heat of the chile comes from and I like all the flavor I can get out of a chile! After removal of the skin, stem, and seeds, chop chile to the desirable size. I chop mine in a food processor, fine or chunky.

Helpful Tips:

I peel my chile under slow running water to wash away the seeds and any left over skin. If there are a few remnants of skin or seeds left on the chile it is nothing to fret about. Some prefer to make sure there is absolutely no skin left behind, but it is merely a matter of preference.

Once your chile is peeled and chopped it is ready to be eaten or added to your favorite recipe! Good luck and enjoy the unique flavor of the Southwest!