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About Us

New Mexico Green Chile Co. is a certified women-owned and family-run business that brings to you and your business green chile peppers straight from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. Our Southwestern roots run as far and as wide as the Rio Grande, and now we aspire to bring a little part of our New Mexican heritage back to the rest of the United States.

Our guarantee to you and your business is this:

  • Green Chile Co.

    We will treat your business as our own

  • Green Chile Co.

    We will work hard to establish a personal relationship with you in order to earn your trust

  • Green Chile Co.

    We will provide you with an exceptional product that consistently exceeds your expectations

Our number one goal is to provide you, as well as your customers, the opportunity enjoy and experience Hatch, New Mexico Green Chile as well as other peppers. Taste the unique flavor that makes New Mexico cuisine famous.

Go Green with Green Chile!

Green Chile Co.

The Process

Our New Mexico Hatch Green Chile is grown locally in southern New Mexico where there is an ideal climate and rich soil perfect for growing green chile. Beginning around early autumn or late summer the green chile will begin to mature and ripen.

Once ripened the chile peppers are hand picked, and immediately transported to a SQF 3 facility to be firee roasted, peeled, diced, packaged, and frozen within hours to ensure the freshest farm to market green chile as possible. Once Frozen our year round supply is transported to cold storage facilities and distributed to food service and food manufacturers across the United States. The amazing aroma released by the roasting chile is one of the many pleasures experienced during the turn of seasons in New Mexico!

Green Chile Co.

Please keep in mind that we sell our green chile to restaurants and industrial food companies and processors. For inquires contact:

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