A Hatch Green Chile Thanksgiving!

The holiday season is fast approaching, making even the chilliest days seem warm with the closeness of family and friends. We’d like to help add an extra level of warmth to the upcoming Thanksgiving season by sharing some ways to incorporate Hatch green chiles into your favorite fall fare.

Hatch Chile Cornbread Stuffing

Here in America, Thanksgiving means a lot of things. Gratitude, family, and turkey. And if there’s turkey on the table, there’s one thing you can be sure of: the stuffing is somewhere nearby.

Why not spice up your turkey’s best pal this Thanksgiving? Try this zesty cornbread version of a holiday staple.

Hatch Chile Cranberry Sauce

For some families, the wobbling, cylindrical shape of canned cranberry sauce is the ultimate Thanksgiving topper. We’d like to encourage you to think “outside the can” on this year’s great day of thanks by trying out a spicy Hatch chile version of this sweet, tart, sauce.

Using hatch chile powder rather than the fresh peppers, this spicy cranberry sauce can be made any time of the year.

Hatch Chile and Cheese Mashed Potatoes

When talking about Thanksgiving, we can’t, of course, forget about this holiday’s workhorse, the trusty blank canvas to our gravies and stuffings… mashed potatoes. Why not give this holiday mainstay a little shot of Hatch chile pizzazz and a comforting layer of satisfying, melty cheddar?

This kicked-up Hatch chile and cheddar mashed potato recipe will have your dinner guests swooning.

A Creamy-Cool Pumpkin Pie Topper

What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? A warm, smooth dessert with plenty of its spices might not seem like it needs a makeover, but we hope you’ll let us change your mind. Try replacing the traditional topping of canned whipped cream with a smooth, spicy dollop of Hatch Green Chile Ice Cream.

Not too spicy, just enough sweet — this recipe is sure to become a family favorite.

Skip the Marshmallows and Add a Little Heat to Your Sweets
We’ve all seen it: a baking dish full of canned sweet potatoes, drowning under a lid of molten marshmallows. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love this traditional guilty pleasure, too… but why not try something with a little less goo and a bit of spice?

This recipe for Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Hatch Green Chiles offers a healthier take on this classic dish… and we wouldn’t fault you for adding a dollop of that Hatch chile ice cream we mentioned above!

Spice Up Your Leftovers

We know it’s hard to beat the incredibly satisfying “leftover turkey sandwich,” but we also know that Thanksgiving can produce a lot of leftovers… and you can’t eat a turkey sandwich for every meal, can you? Well, maybe you can, but we still think you’ll love this recipe for 30 Minute Leftover Turkey and Hatch Chile Soup.

A satisfyingly spicy white chili can be the perfect way to warm up on a cold, dreary post-Thanksgiving day. It’s even better if you’ve got leftover pumpkin pie to finish off!